Losing my OTKB virginity…

I have alwayssss loved over the knee boots…however, only on other people.

I must have tried over 5 pairs this past year and not kept any, apart from one pair that I’ve kept and never worn.
I’ve always felt they make me look a bit ‘Robin Hood’ if that makes sense? However recently I’ve been trying new things and thought I had better give it another go, what’s the worst that can happen?

Now let me tell you, I searched for weeks to find the right pair, and when ASOS had 30% of their own brand lines I thought f*ck it, these are coming home with me.

Looking at them out of the box I was 90% sure that I didn’t like them, and was ready to send them straight back without trying on. But after seeing various Instagram posts of people looking fab in them (always my downfall) I tried them on.

The first thing I noticed was how soft they were, they fit well and it felt like I wasn’t wearing anything at all, unlike other long boots I’ve tried. They were easy to get on and off and free movement of my knees was possible; to verify this, a squat test was completed…

Then came the challenge of finding things I already owned to go with them, I pretty much tried them on with every item I own as I wasn’t sure whether id like them best with jeans or just a skirt or dress. (Who doesn’t love a bit of outfit exercise!! No need for the gym this week).

Since this I have actually worn these boots out and loved them. They kept my legs extra warm, and I felt super cute.
Although beware, there isn’t much grip on these boots and I almost slipped and broke my neck…
…Slipping aside, no regrets on losing my over the knee boots virginity… YAY!!

T-shirt dress – Prettylittlething.com
Jumper – Missguided
Jeans – Topshop
Jacket – Prettylittlething.com
Necklace – Prettylittlething.com




Just one final thought that’s been bothering me…
In regards to visiting peoples houses, how do you guys manage? Am I supposed to take them off and just go bare legs to the wind?? Cos shaving and tanning aren’t on my itinerary this winter?? So far I’ve just worn them outside, so advice is deffo needed!


Snug as a bug…

Happy Monday to anyone reading…

Just a quick post about my outfit yesterday because it made me super happy, especially on a very hungover Sunday.

Busted the turtle neck out for the first time this year and loved it, forgot how warm covering your neck keeps you!!! It’s possible that no one will see below my chin until at least May 2018….

The one I’m wearing is a bodysuit, it’s great because I hate tucking things in when all they end up doing is either falling out or bunching up and making me look like a mushroom.
It was affordable and is a staple I’m sure I will wear sooooo many times this winter, will be buying this in more colours for certain.

These jeans are possibly my biggest achievement to date, purchased from H&M, whose jeans I have never brought before. I saw these in the sale for £10 so I had to try them, they are so comfy and fit perfectly, I usually struggle to find jeans that fit, and so for anyone who knows the struggle like me I would deffo recommend trying H&M!!

The scarf was a gift last Xmas from New Look and when I first got it I wasn’t a fan, but now I put it over everything, not sure what changed my mind but I just love the way it makes casual outfits look a bit more ‘put together’. Looks fab over all black and it doesn’t drown me like some of my chunkier scarfs.

This jacket is from last year, they’re not hard to get hold of though as borg is still very much in fashion (loads on ASOS), the fur around the neck makes it super comfy and feels like an extra scarf, honestly have nothing bad to say about this jacket, it has pockets (pockets pretty much replace gloves for me in the winter) it’s warm and is the perfect fit to layer over things.

Side note: Please excuse my basic photos, shoddy effort but I’ll be fixing it soooon!!

Shoes – Converse.
Jeans – H&M (£10 in the sale!!!!).
Body – Prettylittlething.com.
Jacket – River Island
Scarf – New Look.



The essential jacket questionnaire…

IMG_2550Recently I have realised that I am suffering from a possible jacket addiction…while this is undiagnosed I have decided to share my road to recovery with you…

Symptoms include:
A strong urge to buy the same jacket in multiple colours
Ignoring the voice of reason in my head that tells me I don’t need 4 winter coats
Obsession with eyeing up other peoples jackets in the street

Since I do not have the funds to feed this addiction, I have decided that staple jackets are necessary…jackets that complete outfits…jackets that can be worn over nearly every outfit in my collection. Hence the birth of my first proper post…

Now, completely banning myself from purchasing new jackets wouldn’t go down well with my sanity. So, as a new rule I make sure that the item I will be purchasing will make a valued addition to my wardrobe, and not just sit, label still on, at the back of my closet.

Easier said than done!!
I honestly have to ask myself three question before I make a purchase, otherwise the jacket is not justifiable! Almost like a jacket questionnaire…

What items, already in my wardrobe, will I wear this with?
Where will I wear this and how often?
Will this still be fashionable next year?

In regards to the last question, I try not to indulge in trends, where I have found myself in the past with a number of items that I look at the year after and think ‘what is this and why was it a ‘thing” But at the time, I thought it was the best thing ever because 80% of the people I saw had one.  For example, remember these……


😦 😦 😦



I have found that the most worn jacket in my collection is the jacket i’m wearing pictured above, I’ve learnt that you can’t go wrong with denim!!
The jacket pictured is from prettylittlething.com although the exact jacket is no longer on the website, here’s a link for something similar…  https://www.prettylittlething.com/black-longline-distressed-denim-jacket.html

Aside from donning double denim, i have tried this jacket on with near on everything in my wardrobe and love the results, its definitely been an investment, plus I’ve had loads of compliments so i never get bored of wearing this!!
So i guess what i’m saying is that since I’ve thought more carefully about what jackets i’m buying i have definitely come across jackets that i’ll wear and love forever, I’ve saved money and I’ve thought of this blog post!! No complaints from me!! (Which is unusual)

Thank you for reading my first post, soon there will be a gallery with every outfit I have styled this jacket with….stay tuned for denim inspo!!!

















Here goes…

This is the birth of my blog.
Wish me luck on my new journey as I invite you into my life and share my interest in fashion and makeup with you.